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2011-2012 Badger Men's Basketball Game Programs
This year's Badger Men's Basketball team boasts some of the best student athletes and brightest stars in college athletics. Get to know them through the Badger Basketball Souvenir Game Programs.

History, statistics, player profiles, special features, scouting reports and more are available in these unique, award-winning, collector's quality game programs.

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Single Game Programs Full Season Package

$5.00 each
+$2.00 s&h for each
program ordered *sales tax included

*please enter the quantity of each
program desired:

  11-12 MBB - November 12 vs. Kennesaw State  
  11-12 MBB - November 16 vs. Colgate  
  11-12 MBB - November 19 vs. Wofford  
  11-12 MBB - November 22 vs. UMKC  
  11-12 MBB - December 3 vs. Marquette  
  11-12 MBB - December 7 vs. Green Bay  
  11-12 MBB - December 10 vs. UNLV  
  11-12 MBB - December 15 vs. Savannah State  
  11-12 MBB - December 23 vs. Mississippi Valley State  
  11-12 MBB - December 31 vs. Iowa  
  11-12 MBB - January 3 vs. Michigan State  
  11-12 MBB - January 15 vs. Nebraska  
  11-12 MBB - January 18 vs. Northwestern  
  11-12 MBB - January 26 vs. Indiana  
  11-12 MBB - February 4 vs. Ohio State  
  11-12 MBB - February 19 vs. Penn State  
  11-12 MBB - February 28 vs. Minnesota  
  11-12 MBB - March 4 vs. Illinois  

$65.00 for 18 game program vouchers *sales tax included

$70.00 for 18 game programs +$9.00 s&h (full set shipped after the entire season has been completed) *sales tax included

  2011-2012 MBB Full Set (Entire season will be shipped after the season has ended.)  

Step by step process for ordering all EIGHTEEN 2011-2012 Badger Men's Basketball game programs


1. Click on the link above and complete the order form. You may order more than one set of vouchers.

2. A sheet of perforated vouchers will be sent to your shipping address as soon as your order is received. Each sheet has eighteen vouchers, one for each home game. For the first home game, bring your voucher to any Kohl Center program vendor (at gates A, B or C) and exchange it for a game program.

3. If you miss the first game, or any subsequent game, you may make arrangements to pick up your game program by calling 608-262-7717. Your vouchers do not expire until May, 2011. Make arrangements to pick up your game program the week following the game or anytime during the season.


1. Click on the link above and complete the order form. You may order more than one set of shipped game programs.

2. A full set of programs will be shipped to you at the conclusion of the men's basketball season.

Any questions can be directed to Debbie Kapalczynski at 608-262-7717 or dk3@athletics.wisc.edu

Thank you for your order. We look forward to hosting you this season at the Kohl Center.

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If you have any questions or experience difficulties ordering,
please contact Debbie Kapaczynkiat: dk3@athletics.wisc.edu or 608-262-7717
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