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Souvenir Badger game programs for University of Wisconsin Athletic teams are published by the National W Club in partnership with the UW Athletic Department. The National W Club oversees the design, content, printing and sales of all game programs, and it also handles the sales and coordination of all of the advertising found in these programs. Badger game programs are available for Football, Volleyball, Men’s Hockey, Men’s Basketball, and Women’s Basketball.

Each game program contains valuable information about the day’s game, along with feature stories, articles, conference updates, biographies, photos, facts, and figures of interest to the fans. Not only are the programs informative, they are also attractive, dynamic and interactive. Fans enjoy the full color player posters, money-saving coupon sheet, along with accurate rosters at their fingertips and a wealth of additional information to be enjoyed during and after the game. In fact, many fans save their programs as souvenirs that they can add to add to their collection of Wisconsin sports memorabilia.

Order a voucher set for the Badger Gameday Programs, buy individual home games, or a full season! Please call the National W Club at 608-262-7717 to place your order now! For more information on ordering, please contact the National W Club at nationalwclub@athletics.wisc.edu.

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