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Fetzer Student Athlete Academic Center
It is an ongoing goal of the National W Club to encourage networking among its membership. As a part of that goal, it is our desire to assist soon to graduate student-athletes in their search to locate full time employment and internship opportunities. To that end, through our Web Site we are offering current student-athletes the opportunity to place their resume online. The National W Club will then inform active W Club members and local business of this service and encourage them to search this site as they seek employees and/or interns.
As former student-athletes we believe strongly in the qualities that are developed by being a member of an Intercollegiate Athletic Team while obtaining a degree from a world class University. These qualities, in our opinion, make these young adults very attractive candidates for employment and/or interns.
Thank you for visiting our Resume site. Please continue to visit this site as it will be updated regularly.

"The education I received at the UW, both on the field and in the classroom has been invaluable to me as I compete in the business world everyday. My degree in Finance gave me the solid foundation that I needed to be able to analyze issues that I face on a day-to-day basis. Being a member of the football team not only taught me self-confidence, self-discipline, tenacity, teamwork and competitiveness ? it provided me with the best friends a person could ever have. I am very gratified that our new website will provide a vehicle to showcase our student athletes to potential employers. As one of those employers, I can attest to the fact that the world is in need of the skills our student athletes possess."

    - John Westphal
President, Westphal & Co, Inc.,
BBA Finance, May '82

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